The Arizona Cyber Warfare Range is staffed by volunteers. We do our best to provide 24x7 availability.

If you would like to schedule a tour, verify range hours, or plan something more elaborate, give us a call:


Required for On-site Participation

We welcome your visit and/or participation on-site at the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range. Before you visit us, you will need:

  1. to fill out, and bring with you, our waiver of liability
  2. a valid photo ID if you are 18 or over

While on-site, you are subject to the hazards of an active data center.

Yeah, we have lawyers too and they require the above warning. Even though, over 3 years of operation, and hundreds –if not thousands– of tours and events later, we have yet to see any major injuries.

Please Note

Because the range is a privately funded, non-profit entity that is 100% volunteer driven, our on-site hours are subject to the availability of our volunteers.

Please check the availability of our volunteers on the location's calendar page, or call the range you wish to visit and arrange a tour with range staff directly.