Access the Ranges

Remote access to the ranges is managed by SMS command. Commands should be sent to 480.525.9801 for our cloud based range, see the other range pages for direct access to them via their own SMS number:

enroll <range>

Enroll associates a range to your account (based on your registered phone number). You will need to issue an enroll command:

  • the first time you use the range
  • whenever you wish to switch ranges

To see your current range assignment, visit

access <your_ip>

Access grants a 24 hour access pass to the IP you provide. You will need to issue an access command:

  • after each
  • every time your external ip address changes
  • every 24 hours

To see your IP as it appears to the range, visit

NOTE: none of these commands will work if you have not already established an account.

Standard Ranges


Those interested in starting a new career in cyber security are first
introduced to the basic concepts and terminology within the industry.
Educational materials are available in both self-paced learning and more
traditional educational contexts. Education is backed with hands on
exercises against real world environments. These hands on sessions are
guided by educators and provide the student with real world feedback and
results. There is no substitute for practical / hands on experience.

To use the

  • enroll beginner
  • access <your_ip>


Those interested in advancing their education will continue to receive re-enforcement of the basic concepts and terminology within the security industry, but will move more into exploring and experiencing all of those concepts in a hands-on learning environment. This includes both offensive and defensive skills.

To use the

  • enroll intermediate
  • access <your_ip>


To obtain mastery of the required knowledge, advanced students will
work within a completely hands on environment and will be working with
tools and technologies available on the commercial market. Their
education is augmented with real-time industry updates and technology
performance data from the cyber warfare range’s real world environment.
Students in this area are operating in an environment that is comparable
to employment as a corporate security professional. They will continue
to use and master real world commercial tools, as well as learn the
needed skills to work with other security professionals in a team
environment. Soft skills, reporting, budgeting, and other forms of
planning are learned, practiced, and reviewed.

To use the

  • enroll advanced
  • access <your_ip>


Cyber warfare is constantly evolving. Therefore, cyber security
professionals must continue their education. Students operating in our
real-world environment are participating in a live fire cyber war. It
does not get any tougher or real-world that this environment. Students
harden and broaden their skills based on real-time experiences and
information as it happens.

To use the
Real World

  • enroll jedi
  • access <your_ip>