Arizona Cyber Warfare Range

Arizona Cyber Warfare Range

Revolutionary advancements in cyber security happen here.

The Arizona Cyber Warfare Range is a live fire cyber warfare range created to augment the current cyber security resources in Arizona and drive innovation in cyber security techniques, technologies, and training across the United States.

The range is a privately funded non-profit entity and thus 100% volunteer driven. This ensures that we are completely dedicated to the our missions.

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For individuals wanting to become more knowledgeable in cyber security and InfoSec, we are here to support your efforts with our expertise and resources.

We are free and open to the public. Minors are welcome but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


We are always looking for opportunities to serve the greater community. If you represent a school, business, nonprofit, etc. and have ideas for trainings or hands on exercises please contact us. We'll either help design a training opportunity or connect you with other valley resources that can assist you.

If you would like to verify the engagement and/or technical contribution of someone who claims to be a volunteer, please call the Range at +1.480.525.9801 and ask for Brett L. Scott.