We welcome your support! Everything you donate to us will be used effectively and frequently. Our group of volunteers and cybersecurity professional find ways to maximize the use of what we have. Your donations make everything possible.


Nobody in our organization is paid. We are a 100% volunteer organization. This means we are always in need of help. No matter what your skills are; there is a good chance we could benefit from your volunteering with us.

To get started you should visit one of our official Cyber Warfare Ranges. You can also visit our forums and strike a conversation there by posting a comment or new article. You can also email our volunteer coordinators at [email protected].

Financial Donations

We do not receive any government funding. We are an independent organization operating with volunteers and financial support from our growing list of donors.

Patreon: we support our volunteers with snacks and supplies. If you would like to help we always need more donations.

Hardware Donations

All of our Cyber Warfare Ranges use donated equipment to operate. We are blessed to have many organizations and individuals who have donated equipment since our start in 2012. Due to the nature of our equipment being older, we always need to refresh our data centers to keep them operational.

Donations are taken in through one of our 501c3 entities and held by our National Cyber War Foundation.

Donated equipment is always scrubbed digitally with a Department of Energy (3 pass) wipe of storage/hard disks. We also remove any identifying information indicating who the specific donor was/is.

We are constantly in need of:

  • Storage: Hard Disks (2.5″ 3.5″, nVME, SATA, IDE, SAS, SCSI, etc)
  • Memory: RAM (all types – old and new)
  • Inputs: Keyboards and Mice
  • Video: Monitors, televisions, and projectors
  • Power: multi-outlets, surge suppression, power supplies

We need equipment refreshes:

  • Servers: end of life – is the majority of what we receive but we make great use of newer equipment.
  • Laptops: we are always engaging with the public at events, conferences, and in schools. We use our pool of laptops for our public outreach. We always need our own equipment because no IT department allows us to use their equipment. Therefore, we bring our own equipment.
  • Workstations: our visitors access our targets, training, and other digital materials with donated workstations.


The Cyber Warfare Ranges offer limited sponsorships. This includes product placement, branding, advertisement, events, and a number of other opportunities. Please contact us for further details.

Products and Services

There are several corporate entities that help our organization. Leveraging one or more of their products and services will result in adding support to our organization.

LiveSquare Security

CWR ISAO – an Information Sharing and Analysis Organization. Threat Intelligence from ongoing cyber threat intelligence operations worldwide. This threat intelligence system has been operating continuously since 1995.

LiveSquare Security licenses the threat intelligence to clients globally and donates the majority of the funds to support the foundation and the Official Cyber Warfare Ranges. Learn more.


This company commercialized our Identity Banks. Their company supports the Cyber Warfare Ranges and the foundation financially as a regular corporate donor. Learn more.

CWR Academy

This organization licenses cybersecurity education content developed by the National Cyber War Foundation, its volunteers, and its supporters. The revenues from the licenses reward our volunteers and support the foundation and the official Cyber Warfare Range operators. Learn more.