As a 501c3 nonprofit we believe in transparency. We have taken the very hard road to ensure the integrity of our organization and the pursuit of our missions.

No government funding

We do not accept or receive government funding. All government funding comes with strings. We are not interested in being influenced/controlled by governments. We do accept grants, tasks, or projects from time to time from government agencies. Each of these is limited in scope and “containerized”.

We truly believe in privacy

We do not share data with anyone outside our group of organizations. This is one of the primary drivers to our building our own “Identity Bank”. This is now the repository of all of our user data. It allows us to make use of user accounts while still protecting the identity and private information of our users.

Our Identity Bank allows users to self manage, know exactly what we know about them, and they may delete their data from our Identity Bank at any time.

We believe in freedom of speech

A founding principal of free societies is freedom of speech. That includes the right to say things people do not like or want to hear. We are agents of change. That means we will be disruptors and unsettling to those who control others. We are not interested in being “insiders”. You will find we are solely focused on improving all aspects of cybersecurity. Considering how bad everyone is at cybersecurity you can understand why we do not waste time making people feel comfortable or feed false narratives about cybersecurity issues.

We often feel like the only adults in the room.

We are a place of opportunity

We do not care about any superfluous facts about you (race, gender, religion, etc). We do not want to know your political beliefs and we have no time for an “agendas”. This gets us into trouble from time-to-time as there are many who would like to use our organization to advance their selfish goals. Everyone is welcome, but come to learn, share, and grow your cybersecurity skills. Leave all the other stuff out of it.

We are not afraid

Just about everyone has tried to crush what we are doing and even our organization. We are hackers. We simply out scale, outfight, and outnumber all of our opponents. Those in power do not take that well.

Very powerful entities have tried to destroy us. Big or small, charlatans, dictators, liars, power brokers, agencies, and business interests have all tried. Yet, here we are.

You can count on our being here. No matter what.

We are careful stewards of the resources we receive

We do not have paid staff. No “perks” for our core team. No waste of resources if we can help it.

We use the money we receive for expenses, equipment, services, repairs, and public relations.

We use the equipment we are given to host targets, perform organizational functions, and store data.

We gladly accept in-kind donations of specialized skills, services, and promotions.

The bottom line

We always need resources. Nobody is brave enough to stand up and do what is right like we are. We will carefully use the resources we are given. We will always do so in the most transparent way.

Become a member of our Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO) – the full list of reasons can be found on our dedicated web site.

Funding – If you are willing to donate money to our foundation please visit our Donations page.

Equipment – the more we have the more we can serve. Most donations are fully tax deductable. Of course you need to verify that with your accountant.

In-kind/Pro-bono – being agents of change we always need legal, accounting, and public relations help. Whether you want to help us shield ourselves, ensure our operational viability, or help us grow, please contact us.