Arizona Ranges

Cyber Warfare Ranges open to the general public

AZ01 Online: this is our 24x7x365 online Cyber Warfare Range

AZ03 Tucson: Open to the Public. This is the Cyber Warfare Range at Pima Community College. It is vibrant and full of activity. They have a very strong and active community of cybersecurity professionals.

Limited access Cyber Warfare Ranges

AZ04 Controlled: This is a controlled Cyber Warfare Range and is not open to the general public. Those volunteers and associated project team members with an active security clearance and direct relationships with our controlled projects may access this Cyber Warfare Range.

AZ05 Tempe: This is a corporate cyber range and it not available to the general public. It is available to those who have connections to TD SYNNEX corporation. Contact your TD SYNNEX representative to find out more.

Closed Ranges

AZ02 Surprise: closed permanently. The City of Surprise is no longer cyber friendly. Our Cyber Warfare Ranges operating on the west-side of Phoenix seem to be cursed. Until the curse is removed, it is unlikely we will try again.