The Cyber Warfare Range is registered non-profit organization in Arizona. We were originally registered as The Arizona Cyber Warfare Range, but dropped Arizona from our name after we expanded to other states.

We are on official cyber range operator of the National Cyber Warfare Foundation, a 501c3. We operates several cyber warfare ranges in Arizona.

We have an advisory board that provides guidance on CWR activities, and works closely with the NCWF board. The advisory board is a group of volunteers who serve designated terms on the board upon their approval by the NCWF board. If you would like to serve on our Advisory Board please submit an application.

All of our meetings are open to the public whether in person or virtual. this is subject to capacity limits of the meeting room or virtual meeting technology being used. The CWR is a strong supporter of transparency. Certain business of the CWR may require private meeting time on matters including, but not limited to, legal matters, contracts, agreements, individuals involved with the CWR.