East Valley Range – AZ01

Our East location is (to be announced soon)

The location is beautiful, easy to access, and has lots of amenities on-site and nearby.


When visiting the Range as a guest

  1. Please check the calendar or call to ensure that a badged volunteer will be on-site, or make an appointment before visiting.
  2. This location is open to the public. However, please verify one of our volunteers is / will be there before you come.
  3. There are three free and public parking lots.
  4. Parking lot 1 - located on a surface lot just south of our building.
  5. Parking Lot 2 - located immediately to the east of our building
  6. Parking lot 3 - located on-site to the building's north.
  7. Upon arrival, if the doors are locked, please call our main number and one of our volunteers will come get you.


The embedded calendar below is intended to show when Lead Volunteers will be on-site to work with newcomers. If you’d like to visit outside of these hours, please comment on our Google+ page or call +1.480.525.9801 and ask.