West Valley Range – AZ02



The embedded calendar below is intended to show when Lead Volunteers will be on-site to work with newcomers. If you’d like to visit outside of these hours, please comment on our Google+ page or call +1.623.300.2002 and ask.

When visiting the Range as a guest

  1. Please check the calendar or call to ensure that a badged volunteer will be on-site, or make an appointment before visiting.
  2. There are 3 gates into the GCU campus, we recommend using the 27th Ave entrance.
  3. Inform the guard that you are here to visit the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range.
  4. Proceed to 5115 N. 27th Ave. (Building 66 on the GCU campus).
  5. Sign in at the security desk and a range volunteer will escort you back to the range.
  6. Upon entry to the AZ Cyber Warfare Range, you will need to sign-in to the entry log. Remember, you must also sign-out upon departing the AZCWR.
Arizona Cyber Warfare Range