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Real Hardware = Real Experience = Real Jobs

Looking to advance your technical skills & career?

Or, for knowledgeable cyber security talent?

Regardless you have come to the right place.

The AZCWR is a group of professionals from beginners to those with 20+ years of expertise. Our people are well-trained with hands-on experience in a real world technical environment, and all formally verified volunteers have also been vetted. We operate in partnership with ACTRA and the Arizona Infragard program.

Additionally, we’re working with Cyber Security Canyon to form formal apprenticeship programs free to both employers and technologists alike. Contact our Range Recruiter if you’d like to take advantage of this federally funded program.


As a cybersecurity professional you know the job search process can have many pitfalls, and at minimum be time consuming. Participating in the AZCWR affords you access to our dedicated Range Recruiter who is knowledgeable and passionate about seeing others succeed.

Our Range Recruiter volunteers time one-on-one and hosts workforce development training on topics like resume writing, interview skills, and career planning.

Whether your concern is confidentiality, limited time availability, or you’re just getting started, our Range Recruiter is available on-site, on G+, and via email [email protected].


Do you have a great job to share? Please send details to our Range Recruiter. Keep in mind, all job openings must be vetted and verified before then being posted to our social media and other communication channels.

Many fly-by night companies and scammy agencies come around to solicit our talented flock of professionals, but these professionals are not here to be hounded by recruiters. People come to AZCWR to learn. Only a small percentage are open to a new opportunity. As a collective, our primary goal is training. This is why we welcome our Range Recruiter’s efforts in limiting the scams our professionals navigate.

If you want to recruit within the AZCWR network of professionals, we require that all requesters contact the Range Recruiter [email protected]. Our official Range Recruiter is solely responsible for identifying and placing our talented cybersecurity professionals.

We do reserve the right to ignore post requests based on any number of the following factors:

  • The position is not IT, software development, or cybersecurity related.
  • Your organization has been identified as non-responsive.
  • Your organization has been identified as non-accommodating.
  • Your position has exorbitant or irrelevant requirements (e.g. requiring a laundry list of certs)
  • You ever advertise a position that is not actually open or is simply a method of obtaining resumes.

If you find that your post requests are being ignored, please send another email requesting the reasons. Questions? Ask Brett Scott [email protected].

If you are a job seeker and find an advertisement or company to be in violation of our terms, whether posting here or elsewhere, please let us know as soon as possible.

All workforce development and career planning services provided in partnership with Recruit Bit .